A Plumbed in Water Cooler is the latest, greatest, manifestation of the very long history of water filtration. If you want to know where such devices came from originally you need to travel back in time a very long way.

Ancient Sanskrit and Egyptian writings clearly explain how water was kept pure and germ free. The “Sushruta Samhita” is a Sanskrit text from the 3rd or 4th century which deals with all of the major concepts of ayurvedic medicine. The text’s water treatment methods include boiling, heating in the sun, and dipping heated iron into the water. It also sets out a way that water can be purified by filtering it through sand and coarse gravel and then allowed to cool. The Egyptians, perhaps best known for their knowledge of dehydration for preserving their royal families with mummification, were experts in hydration as well. One tomb painting clearly depicts the picture of a water treatment device.

Centuries later, Hippocrates, the famed father of medicine began his own experiments in water purification. He created the theory of the “four humors,” or essential fluids, of the body relating to the temperatures of the seasons. According to him the humors needed to be kept in balance to ensure good health. But he also recognized the healing power of water. For feverish patients, he often recommended a cool bath in cool water. The doctor designed his own crude water filter to “purify” the water he used for his patients, which was simply a cloth bag through which water could be poured after being boiled.

When you think about this, imagine what luxury and convenience today with a Plumbed in Water Cooler.


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