Bottleless Water Coolers



Plumbed in Water Coolers are not only convenient, but environmentally friendly (no plastic bottles to dispose of), and labour-saving as members of staff don’t need to replace heavy bottles regularly. Worldwide, respect for water and the environment are marked in March by World Water Day.   Indeed, there is an organisation in Vermont, USA called [...]



Office Water Coolers are, admittedly, really great. But when you’ve made the switch from buying bottled water, what on earth do you do with all those empty bottles? Besides throwing them away, that is. Well, here are some handy handicraft tips so you can put those empty containers to some creative uses, especially for the [...]


Clean Your Water Cooler before Inspections

If you have a plumbed in water cooler installed in your office or restaurant, you should always maintain it in good condition. First of all, where is water, there is bacteria. Never let your cooler unattended for weeks without cleaning. Bacteria can grow very fast in stale water and if you let drippings from the [...]


Rent a Plumbed in Water Cooler for Christmas Party

Christmas parties are in order and renting a plumbed in water cooler for your event is the smart way to go. Anyone who has experience with parties knows that one of the beverages that is sought out the most is pure water. And if you are having a big event coming up, you have to [...]


Hot Cocoa for Cold Weather

With the weather really getting colder and colder every day you will surely be looking to your plumbed in water coolers to provide you with a warm treat while trying to get warm. One of the season’s most favoured treats is a delicious hot cocoa. This is a great way to not only please your [...]


Enki Water Cooler

When it comes to choosing office water coolers – that is not such a simple task. There are many products on the market and you have to  consider very carefully what your office looks like, how many people there are and what options you would like your cooler to have. If your office is ultra [...]


The Evolution Plumbed in Water Cooler

If you are searching for a Plumbed in Water Cooler that has a very high dispense point – the Evolution cooler is just for you. No other cooler can  give you that. This particular cooler has an English design and comes in metal-effect casing. It can be floor standing or counter top fitted. This cooler [...]


Vending Machines Versus Water Coolers

Are you tired of the vending machine in your office – get a Plumbed in Water Cooler. It really pays off. First of all you have in a vending machine are mostly sugary drinks, with artificial flavours. Who wants that? And the water you can buy – the prices can be outrageous. You do not [...]


Plumbed in Water Cooler for Big Events

If you are organizing an event or a seminar of some kind, you might be wondering if you should get a plumbed in water cooler for the event.  Some might choose to get a bottled water cooler, but you should always keep in mind what kind of event you are hosting. If you have decided [...]


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