Mains-Fed Water Coolers.co.uk environmental policy works to minimise the effects of carbon dioxide on the environment through our companies business operations. Our environmental approach applies to all areas of our business from the use of our own vehicles, to our product range and our companies internal operations.

Using a mains-fed watercooler means that “food & drink miles” often strongly linked to bottled water are dramatically reduced. No weekly or fortnightly delivery of water bottles has a definite and quantifiable effect lessening the amount of carbon dioxide emissions that your office water supply causes.

Mains-Fed Water Coolers.co.uk are also aware of the millions of people in other parts of the world who do not have a clean water supply. Ten percent of our annual profits go to charities set up explicitly to help these people.

Internal operations

We have looked at all areas of our internal operations and have tried to maximise the paper and plastic recycling. Although London councils do not supply recycling options for business customers we now take these products directly to municipal facilities ourselves. We have converted eighty percent of our vehicles to LPG fuels, and we are working within the European directive for refrigerant recycling – WEEE – when our water coolers come to the end of their working life.

For our customers

While we can work to minimise the direct environmental impact we have we are fully aware that our operations and our products will always have some environmental footprint. We have therefore joined with a third party company who have assisted us in becoming a carbon neutral company. Any excess carbon footprint our operations and products cause will be offset by purchasing carbon credits in line with the Kyoto protocol.