Office Water Coolers are, admittedly, really great. But when you’ve made the switch from buying bottled water, what on earth do you do with all those empty bottles? Besides throwing them away, that is. Well, here are some handy handicraft tips so you can put those empty containers to some creative uses, especially for the kids.


1. Sand Art.  Buy coloured sand, or, if you can’t get that, rub white sand with coloured chalk. The salt will hold the colour. Fill up the empty bottles with several layers of alternating colours. Once you have enough layers, poke a skewer through the sand to make the colours blend a bit. This will create layered effect. To seal the bottle, you could simply put the top back on, or cap it with melted candle wax.

2. Bottle People. Fill bottles with sand or pebbles. With fabric scraps, make mini outfits. Draw faces at the top of the bottles with coloured permanent markers and glue on hair and hats to the lids. Great toys.

3. Felt Bottles. Cover a water bottle with green felt. Create several felt cut-outs in the shape of leaves, or fish, or other distinct shapes, to make a natural history montage.

4. Dramatic Bottles. Children can use water bottles for dramatic play. Ask them to create water bottles to use as puppets in their story. The can decorate them with paint, paper cut-outs and stickers. While someone tells the story, the children can use their bottle characters to act out the different scenes.


We’re not entirely sure what creative uses adults can put their old water cooler bottles to, but a discussion around the Office Water Coolers might produce some interesting ideas!


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