Office water coolers may well have another use besides just providing great drinking water. In offices and homes the art of creating a balanced and harmonious environment (known as Feng Shui) involves the use of colour, texture and placing items in “auspicious” locations. Water, earth, air, fire and metal are the five elements used to create this balance.


You could actually use the cooler as your water feature, an important aspect of Feng Shui. But there are some important factors to consider. The front door is and whatever energy comes through affects the rest of the house, the people in it, and your fortune. To protect the front door from being hurt by bad external energy, you could have the water feature positioned nearby. Placed on the left near to your front door the water feature can bring good luck. But never have it facing out of your home or office or on both sides of the main door. There are three directions which benefit from water: east, southeast and north. To promote good luck position your water feature (or cooler) in the southeast area of your home or office.


With a little planning and forethought an appropriate placement of water will bring good luck, health and prosperity to the people and areas nearby. Water features – and why shouldn’t office water coolers be one of those? – can be very powerful cures when used appropriately in your home or business.


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