The Plumbed in Water Cooler has a huge number of advantages over the more conventional coolers with the five gallon bottles than need to be changed regularly, often by a staff member.

Our coolers represent cost savings, and convenience. Bottled water delivery has many indirect costs, such as time replacing empty bottles with full ones. It’s worth considering the environmental costs, such as the oil and energy required to manufacture the bottles. Then there is the cost of maintaining the bottling plants to bottle the water, costs for shipping to distribution centres, not to mention fuel and labour for the delivery.

For many institutions, security is a paramount concern. By eliminating the need for unscheduled deliveries, bottleless water coolers reduce, or even eliminate, security concerns. Bottled water takes up space that could be used more productively. The large 5- containers take up a lot of space. Imagine the other ways these storage closets, hallways, and kitchenettes could be used. Remember, too, that lifting a 5-gallon bottle is strenuous, and the majority of workers who replace them have no training in lifting and handling, and are in jeopardy of workplace accidents. Many bottled water providers still use jugs that contain BPA (bisphenol A), a chemical compound that can leach out of plastic into the water supply, putting people at risk. Bottleless water coolers eliminate this concern.

Bottom line? A business that switches from the bottled variety to the Plumbed in Water Cooler can experience up to 50 per cent in direct cost savings.


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