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Office Water Coolers Gossip

Oftentimes we find ourselves at one of the office water coolers chatting it up with a co-worker and realize that you are no longer talking about the weather. Though staying hydrated is necessary, gossip isn’t. If you are planning on moving up professionally rather than socially in your office, then avoid the gossip. This of [...]


The Office Space Is Shrinking

Will water coolers for offices still be around with this shrinking office space trend? We surely hope so, because no one should be deprived of his right to have clean free water at their workspace. The latest researches show that office spaces have reduced drastically in the past 6-7 years. For example, in 1995 the [...]


The Must Have At Your Office

The water coolers for offices are among the things you must have. First of all clean, drinking water is a must at any public place, school, and place of business. You need to have it and you need to have it for free. Get a water cooler for your workers, they deserve it and they [...]


How to Keep Water Cooler Bottles from Freezing

If you have water coolers for offices installed, you might want to know a few useful tips on how to keep your water bottles from freezing in the winter. There are times, when your office closes for a few days, especially around the holidays. If your office is not situated in a building, or rather [...]


A Pledge to Our Customers

We all know that when it comes to choosing Office Water Coolers everyone is looking for the bigger, better deal. Do not be fooled by what some other unreliable companies have to offer. Always check who you are dealing with, because at the end of the day the bigger better deal might turn into the [...]