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A Plumbed in Water Cooler is the latest, greatest, manifestation of the very long history of water filtration. If you want to know where such devices came from originally you need to travel back in time a very long way. Ancient Sanskrit and Egyptian writings clearly explain how water was kept pure and germ free. [...]



The Plumbed in Water Cooler has a huge number of advantages over the more conventional coolers with the five gallon bottles than need to be changed regularly, often by a staff member. Our coolers represent cost savings, and convenience. Bottled water delivery has many indirect costs, such as time replacing empty bottles with full ones. [...]


Clean Your Water Cooler before Inspections

If you have a plumbed in water cooler installed in your office or restaurant, you should always maintain it in good condition. First of all, where is water, there is bacteria. Never let your cooler unattended for weeks without cleaning. Bacteria can grow very fast in stale water and if you let drippings from the [...]


Rent a Plumbed in Water Cooler for Christmas Party

Christmas parties are in order and renting a plumbed in water cooler for your event is the smart way to go. Anyone who has experience with parties knows that one of the beverages that is sought out the most is pure water. And if you are having a big event coming up, you have to [...]


Rainy Day Ideas with your Plumbed in Water Cooler

With Fall here you will be expecting plenty of dark and gloomy rainy days. Your Plumbed in Water Cooler can help you ensure that you have plenty of amusement. Amazingly, there are plenty of things that you can do around your water cooler that you may not know. Keeping busy is the important part of [...]


Getting Rid Of Algae

Your office plumbed in water cooler might be your favourite place to gather and chat with our co-workers, but sometimes we stop noticing it and neglect it. Soon enough the water starts having a strange taste. There might be algae growing inside. Water coolers should be sanitized regularly so that microorganisms that grow close to [...]


Water Coolers in Jewellery Stores

A jewellery store must have a plumbed in water cooler. The cooler will be used by all the employees, they will stay hydrated, they will be focused, their hand eye coordination increased, and their language skills improved. But a water cooler will do so much more. It can increase the sales! Just think about it. [...]


Why You Should Get a Plumbed in Water Cooler for your Toddler

If you have a toddler at home you should definitely get a plumbed in water cooler. First of all, your toddler will drink a lot more water than you think is normal for his body weight. But do not forget that a toddler uses a lot more energy than you can possibly imagine. This little [...]


The Evolution Plumbed in Water Cooler

If you are searching for a Plumbed in Water Cooler that has a very high dispense point – the Evolution cooler is just for you. No other cooler can  give you that. This particular cooler has an English design and comes in metal-effect casing. It can be floor standing or counter top fitted. This cooler [...]