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Plumbed in Water Coolers are not only convenient, but environmentally friendly (no plastic bottles to dispose of), and labour-saving as members of staff don’t need to replace heavy bottles regularly. Worldwide, respect for water and the environment are marked in March by World Water Day.   Indeed, there is an organisation in Vermont, USA called [...]



If you’re having some social time around our Water Coolers for Offices, you could make yourself the office egghead (or bore, depending on your point of view!) with some fascinating facts about water.   Three-quarters of the earth is covered with water, 97% of it is salty, 2% is ice, and the rest, fresh water. [...]



Its official, the locations of office Plumbed in Water Coolers are among the most likely places to meet a new partner, or for brief romances to be sparked off.  The coolers are where everyone goes at least a couple of times a day and make small talk, so it’s bound to be an ideal location [...]



Office Water Coolers can be beneficial to office workers’ health, as well as the environment. By choosing free filtered water, they could be they are less likely to spend money on coffee, soft drinks and other beverages from vending machines or outside of the workplace. Drinking more water and less sugar-filled soft drinks is better [...]


Maintain You Water Coolers

Your office water coolers should be maintained at all times. This is not only a place for all the co-workers to gather around for a chat, get some rest on their lunch break and keep them healthy and energetic, but it is also visited by your customers. You have to keep those coolers clean and [...]


Getting the Office in the Spirit of the Holidays

Water coolers for offices can participate in the holiday spirit of your workplace. Just a few weeks away we are about to experience the wonderful Christmas spirit and so the decorations of your home and office has began. You all want to make your work place a little more cheerful and Christmassy. You probably have [...]


Hot Cocoa for Cold Weather

With the weather really getting colder and colder every day you will surely be looking to your plumbed in water coolers to provide you with a warm treat while trying to get warm. One of the season’s most favoured treats is a delicious hot cocoa. This is a great way to not only please your [...]


Rupert Bear Turns 91

After 91 years Rupert Bear still warms the hearts of children everywhere, which gives you an interesting topic as you huddle around the office water coolers tomorrow morning. Born on November 8th in the year 1920 by artist Mary Tourte, Rupert Bear appeared in the Daily Express with an aim to beat out the competition, [...]


Office Water Coolers: Evolution Countertop Cooler

For smaller offices where the typical office water coolers cannot fit, the Evolution Countertop Cooler is idea. This is not only a very stylish cooler but also very useful, yet small. It has a modern metal casing effect and fits on just about any sized countertop as it is only 45 cm in height, 30 [...]


Plumbed in Water Cooler for Pets Too

If you have a pet, surely you would agree that they are part of the family as well. Having a plumbed in water cooler for your home is ideal not only for you, your spouse, kids, and visitors, but your loving pets as well. If you see what is in tap water, even after it [...]