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Getting Rid Of Algae

Your office plumbed in water cooler might be your favourite place to gather and chat with our co-workers, but sometimes we stop noticing it and neglect it. Soon enough the water starts having a strange taste. There might be algae growing inside. Water coolers should be sanitized regularly so that microorganisms that grow close to [...]


The Evolution Plumbed in Water Cooler

If you are searching for a Plumbed in Water Cooler that has a very high dispense point – the Evolution cooler is just for you. No other cooler can  give you that. This particular cooler has an English design and comes in metal-effect casing. It can be floor standing or counter top fitted. This cooler [...]


Keep you Staff Healthy with Water Coolers

Water coolers for offices are what you need if you want your staff to be healthy and full of energy. Some business owners have come up with the idea of organising “health” events for their staff. They enrol the whole office into gyms or try to set up a special weekend, when all the co-workers [...]