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Office water coolers may well have another use besides just providing great drinking water. In offices and homes the art of creating a balanced and harmonious environment (known as Feng Shui) involves the use of colour, texture and placing items in “auspicious” locations. Water, earth, air, fire and metal are the five elements used to [...]



If you’re having some social time around our Water Coolers for Offices, you could make yourself the office egghead (or bore, depending on your point of view!) with some fascinating facts about water.   Three-quarters of the earth is covered with water, 97% of it is salty, 2% is ice, and the rest, fresh water. [...]



Office Water Coolers are, admittedly, really great. But when you’ve made the switch from buying bottled water, what on earth do you do with all those empty bottles? Besides throwing them away, that is. Well, here are some handy handicraft tips so you can put those empty containers to some creative uses, especially for the [...]



Office Water Coolers have provided a perfect plot device for many romantic stories – the place where would be lovers meet for the first time, or romance gradually blossoms. They also tend to be where workers can discuss their ongoing relationships or speculate on the love lives of their colleagues. And this being Valentine’s Day, we [...]



A recent media story revealed a dramatic use for the bottles from conventional Water Coolers for Offices. BBC North Wales reported in November 2011 that a Cardiff firm had developed a bizarre weapon – a cannon that uses water bottles for ammunition. The firm’s idea is that the humble bottle used in standard coolers would [...]


Promote Your Staff’s Good Health in 2012

The end of the year is just a few weeks away and now is the time to make that important decision of installing water coolers for offices. This should be a top priority and you will see all the benefits from it as soon as you get these coolers in. If you are an employer, [...]


Use Plastic Bottles as Christmas Decorations

If you are not switched to office water coolers yet and are still using bottled water, this Christmas you can use it not only to quench your thirst, but as a Christmas decoration as well. If you want to get really creative this holiday, you can take advantage of the bottled water you still use [...]


Maintain You Water Coolers

Your office water coolers should be maintained at all times. This is not only a place for all the co-workers to gather around for a chat, get some rest on their lunch break and keep them healthy and energetic, but it is also visited by your customers. You have to keep those coolers clean and [...]


Getting the Office in the Spirit of the Holidays

Water coolers for offices can participate in the holiday spirit of your workplace. Just a few weeks away we are about to experience the wonderful Christmas spirit and so the decorations of your home and office has began. You all want to make your work place a little more cheerful and Christmassy. You probably have [...]


Water Coolers for Offices in Hotels

Water Coolers for Offices are essential especially in the hospitality business. It doesn’t matter what department you place the cooler, it will be useful. The more coolers you have available for your employees the better. This is especially important in the offices where employees spend a lot of time on the phone. Imagine sitting 8 [...]