Vending Machines Versus Water Coolers

Are you tired of the vending machine in your office – get a Plumbed in Water Cooler. It really pays off. First of all you have in a vending machine are mostly sugary drinks, with artificial flavours. Who wants that? And the water you can buy – the prices can be outrageous. You do not have to pay for water. God forbid the vending machine is out of water. Then what? Turn for help to Coke and Pepsi? This is not healthy at all and you do not want to pack yourself with sugar, especially when you sit all day in your office chair. But if you have a water cooler in the office – things will be much different. You will not have to spend money for drinks every single day. You do not have to bring your own water. And you are going to feel much better now that you have infinite supply of free water! You can make things interesting. Buy a carton of instant coffee or different hot teas and place them on a table near the cooler. You can make your own hot and fresh coffee and hot tea. You can even make your on ice tea! And you won’t have to deal with the ugly site of the bulky vending machine anymore. The temptation of buying artificially sweetened drinks will be gone too.

Do not wait any longer – switch to a Plumbed in Water Cooler now and get healthy!


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